Nibiru's Aerial Command Center

The Aerial Command Center is an invaluable and highly advanced aerial vehicle which is used as the leader and founder of steel seraph's personal home away from home. The Aerial Comander Center, more commonly spoken of simply as the ACC, is an enormous cutting edge hybrid of a propeller-based cargo plane and a helicopter, capable of acting the roles of both, thus not only making it a highly effective means of transportation, but a very practical tool for combat.

By definition, Genato's ACC is a highly advanced VTOL, capable of traversing the world and its countries in the same way a jumbo jet does. Designed and developed personally by Genato alongside the best and brightest members of steel seraphs R&D Team, the ACC remains one of the single greatest accomplishments of the PMSC to date, equipped with all the facilities and requesite utilities of something which can not only be used as a very highly effective aerial combat and storage center, but sporting that which makes an essential component of nibiru's field missions as his home away form home.


The ACC is an enormous aircraft carrier, being a hybrid of numerous different kinds of highly effective and reliable air going systems. Most notable is the four component quad propeller verticle take off and landing system which is fastened to the body of the ACC in a four limb-like layout. These highly effective, powerful, and advanced propellers are supported by numerous VTOL technologies which raise the in air speed, dexterity, and agility of the ACC to heights usually understood as impossible for a machine of its size, equipment which is fastened to varous locations on the body and the propeller systems themselves. The ACC, in spite of its exceptional size, is also viewed as a vehicle which is extremely aerodynamic, equipped with numerous body panels and components which make it capable of synchronizing with and quite easily tackling the most turbulent and demanding of aerial conditions.