Story OverviewEdit

The Future Combat Wiki is an alterinate history/hard science fiction community which you have the ability to continuously build, contribute to, and expand. In this alternate timeline, countless technological, medicinal, and bionic miracles were discovered and achieved throughout established human history. By the time of the cold war, that which was previously dreamed of only in science fiction, such as cloned humans, giant bipedal war mechs, interplanetary travel and space colonization, cures for blindness, cancer, and other terminal diseases were discovered, restoration of lost limbs, and even restoration of youth and extension of the human lifespan were all a reality, however, only the elite were permit access to such luxury. All these miracles came at a high price, while the working class individual was left to suffer, and those impoverished remained in despair.

Because of this, intergovernmental relationships and the balance of power between countries and armies grew increasingly strained, and at the turn of the century a brand new era of war erupted onto the scene. one more violent, destructive and tempestuous than ever before in human history. Countless military groups wage constant war against one another, for the purpose of becoming the most prosperous and influential group in the world, nay, the solar system. Constant battles are waged over money, food, medicine, technology, resources, and knowledge, having erupted into the single most advanced and massive act of extended combat in human history. Wars are now dominated primarily by PMSC's, more primarily referred to as "Private Military Super Corporations", paramilitant organizations which have stolen their ways to places of high political and manpower.