Nibiru's personal combat suit is an extremely potent and effective uniform designed personally by the elite members of steel seraph's R&D team, as well as nibiru himself. It was designed to compliment and perfectly enhanced his own abilities, behavior patterns, and techniques when deployed to field missions, tailored solely to his usage and skills. The suit is equipped with numerous forms of technology and features which transform the wearer into an extremely lethal force of nature, designated, specified and outfitted personally by nibiru, resulting in an extremely potent and effective field operations suit capable of taking on a variety of missions with high success rate.


Nibiru's personalized combat suit is a heavily form-fitting full body combat suit sporting the signature features and colors which are the uniform for steel seraph, being a dark black/navy blue with intense red accents. The suit is outfitted with numerous components which result in a comprehensive full body combat dress covering nibiru's torso, arms, legs, feet, hands, and finally his head and facial features, thus keeping his identity a secret should he be discovered while on the battlefield. The suit itself is obviously that of a lightweight armor, one which has been purposed to allow nibiru a great degree of agility and freedom of movement.

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