Titan is the name of the most powerful, skilled, and reliable combat shepherd produced by steel seraph, not to mention the largest. Titan is one of nibiru's personal field partners, as proof of the dogs sheer skill, intelligence, and reliability factor, and out of all the officers and allies whom have sworn their eternal loyalty to nibiru, Titan is considered his greatest and closest friend, as nibiru and titan share a deep loving and caring bond between one another in the same way a man and his dog do, as titan is truly nibiru's best friend.


As a combat shepherd, Titan exhibits all the signature characteristics of his genetically engineered species of super dog. As one who holds the perfectly synchronized DNA and genetic data collected from only the most reliable, lethal, intelligent, and mighty breeds of canine, Titan exhibits the physical characteristics of various breeds of wolf, numerous species of fox, and a number of characteristics belonging to domestic dogs. Titans fur is shown to be black with numerous white streaks on key places of his body. An anomaly in the way his body differentiates from other combat shepherds, Titan is the largest and most muscular member of his species ever produced, in direct reference to his name as labeled personally by nibiru himself, a truly massive entity whose body is more the size of a lions than a canines.


Combat Shepherd's are known to have an almost human level of intelligence. Titan, by comparison, is observed as being far more intelligent, comprehensive, and insightful than any other of his species, hence he is the most reliable and trusted companion of nibiru. However, Titan was extremely rebellious, violent, dangerous, and wholly opposed to any kind of human contact, responding violently to anyone who tried to get close to him. It was only up until titan met nibiru that his behavior started to change, as nibiru as the only one who titan considers a friend. It is the development of nibiru and titans relationship which has caused the combat shepherd to mellow and begin trusting other members of the staff in steel seraph. While still broody and ignorant of most others aside from nibiru, titan has become tolerant of social interactions.






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